I’m Terrible at First Impressions

So hi.

My name’s Luke.

I’m a writer, I’m a student, I sell books for a living, and regularly host one-man King of the Hill marathons like it’s nobody’s business.


I tell you hwat.

I’ve never really been good at this sort of thing, so I guess I’ll just come right out and say it: I suck at first impressions. I want to use this as a main site for my writing career and a neat place to shill my work. But at the same time, I’m not afraid to admit that I started this blog because it was an assignment. (Mentioning that it is an assignment is a direct violation of said assignment. So that gives you an idea of how well I tend to think things through.)

The trouble is that, between work and school and home and boyfriending and owning the cutest cat in the world, I have absolutely no clue what I like anymore. Beyond writing, of course, but that makes for a dull blog. I can’t exactly write a blog about writing if I’m not at least a published author or one of those people who make money by blogging about how to make money by blogging. But I was told very explicitly that I had to have a central theme to write about. A general idea of what the sort of things I care about or are interested in that I’d be writing about for you, the reader.


Besides my cat, obviously.

I cannot stress how much this freaked me out. One minute I’m fine and dandy, going to this nice college course that’s gonna help me accomplish my lifelong dream of seeing my face on a dustjacket, and then the next I’m told “in order to improve your writing, you’re going to have to draw on your experiences from your everyday life!” And I have no life. This was an incredibly depressing, earth-shattering revelation for me: I have no hobbies outside of recreational writing, annotating books for fun, and playing with legos when under emotional duress. Everything I do revolves around literature in some way shape or form.

So, under the advice of my professor, I was told to make a list of thirty things that interested me, that I liked to do, that I was good at, etc. But I’m not a very interesting individual!

I got to about #15 (which was definitely not ‘cry silently into my pillow because I’m untalented’) before I just had to stop because it was so depressing. There’s nothing like putting all your eggs into one basket and then finding out you never learned how to make a basket because you were too busy learning how to argue when and how to use the Oxford Comma properly. Majoring in English and being a full-time everything else doesn’t leave much room for hobbies other than reading and writing.

Fortunately for me, the one thing I can do that doesn’t (usually) involve anything literary is make jokes when I’m uncomfortable.

And in case you couldn’t tell by the amount of jokes I’ve thrown at you (assuming you laughed. Please tell me you laughed. Even if you don’t mean it.) I’m super uncomfortable right now.

This blog is going to be a lot of things because I’m not adult enough to settle on something like herbology or metaphysics.

TL;DR: Hi, my name’s Luke, and this is a personality blog. Buckle up.


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